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Who's who

  • Toponymy Comision

  • Body created within the “Consellería de Presidencia, Administracións Públicas e Xustiza” (Ministry of the Presidency, Public Administrations and Justice) of the Xunta de Galicia, whose task it is to establish by law the official Galician place names.

  • Council of the Official Languages of the (Spanish) State General Administration

  • Collegiate body of analysis, promotions and technical coordination between the different ministries regarding the usage of the official languages.

  • Department of Galician Philology at the University of Santiago de Compostela

  • University Department of the Faculty of Philology, where the degrees of Galician Philology, Romance Philology and Portuguese Philology are taught.

  • Department of Galician & Latin Philology at the University of Vigo

  • University Department of the Faculty of Philology and Translation, that teaches Galician Philology.

  • Department of Portuguese-Galician, French & Linguistics at the University of A Coruña

  • University Department of the Faculty of Philology, that teaches Galician Philology.

  • New Galician School

  • An association established by educators and collaborators advocating for a galician, public and democratic education, working to promote the pedagogic renewal and the linguistic immersion in Galician in the galician educational system.

  • General Secretariat for Language Policy at the Xunta de Galicia

  • Body attached to the Xunta de Galicia whose aim is to promote and teach Galician.

  • Council for Galician Culture

  • A statutory body, that is a separate legal entity, which is responsible for the defence and promotion of cultural and linguistic values of the Galician people. It carries out these aims through offering advice, education and investigation in all areas that make up our cultural heritage.

  • Galician Sociolinguistics Documentation Centre

  • Entity dedicated to the compilation, classification and dissemination of specialized sociolinguistics documentation in Galician and other minority languages.

  • Royal Academy of Galicia

  • A scientific institution whose main aim is the study of Galician culture, especially, the illustration, defence and promotion of Galician.

  • Galician Language Institute

  • University of Santiago de Compostela Research Centre, which is specialized in the scientific study of Galician. It also carries out educational teaching activities, gives technical advice to institutions and people about linguistic standardization and promotes and defends the Galician language.

  • Ramón Piñeiro Centre for Research in Humanities

  • A centre dedicated to the promotion and support of investigation in the areas of literature, Galician, translation, bibliographic documentation, social sciences...

  • Linguistic Normalization Board

  • Independent platform whose aim is to demand language rights and promote the use of Galician in all social circles. It organizes campaigns to raise awareness and demand rights, and further gives advice and offers collaboration with other entities that share the same aims.

  • Social-Pedagogical Association of Galicia

  • Organization that carries out congresses, courses, workshops and conferences on different non university subjects, as well as the publication of didactic material in Galician.

  • The Association of Writers in Galician Language

  • Association that works to dignify of the status of writers in Galician, protecting their interests and creating forums of debate that promote the interconnection and exchange of ideas between authors.

  • Galician Language Association

  • Association that demands the normalization of Galaico-portuguese and its reintegration in the Galician-Portuguese-Brazilian linguistic sphere.

  • Workers Coordination Body for Linguistic Normalization

  • Organization that carries out congresses, courses, workshops and conferences on different non university subjects, as well as the publication of didactic material in Galician.

  • Galician School of Public Administration

  • Official centre of teaching and investigation at the service of the Xunta de Galicia and other administrations in Galicia. Amongst its aims, those that stand out are: the diffusion and normalization of Galician in the public administrations, linguistic training of personnel and participation in fixing technical, administrative and judicial language in Galician.