European migrant diasporas and cultural identities

26th AEMI Conference

Do 28 de setembro ao 1 de outubro de 2016

The Association of European Migration Institutions is a network of forty organizations located in Europe and working on the history of migrations in Europe, and on the literature produced on this topic. The AEMI was founded in Germany in 1991 and made up of institutions and organizations in Europe whose field of interest concern European migration in the past and in the present. They have joined together to establish The Association of European Migration Institutions, (AEMI).

AEMI seeks to provide its members with an international forum through which they may advance the knowledge of European migration, including, but not limited to the initiation and pursuit of common research projects, the arrangement of meetings, international symposia and multinational events and the dissemination of knowledge supplied by members acting individually or in concern through all appropriate media. 

Every year members of this network come together in a different partner country to discuss their projects and research. Today, twenty European countries are represented in the AEMI.

This year the annual AEMI conference will be held in Santiago de Compostela, with its local partner organization Galician Migration Archive-Council of Galician Culture, AEMI’s member since 2009.

The conference will be about European migrant diasporas and cultural identities. It will be developed in six sessions, on the following subjects: diasporas and cultural identities in migration processes; migrant networks, associations and the reproduction of cultural identities; dilemmas of assimilation and acculturation in migration processes; mobilization of migrant communities; migration studies and identity issues; migration center and their contribution to multiculturalism; how AEMI institutions respond to migrations crisis in Europe; connecting migrations and languages; refugee crisis.