0 - circa 1200. from Latin to Galician: the Language of the Fairies

Galicia received its name from the Romans (Gallaecia), who ended their conquest of this territory shortly after the beginning of our era (circa 28 BC). It was in the territory of Gallaecia where the Suevi established the first Germanic kingdom in Western Europe. The languages spoken by the early Galicians (Celtic in type or similar) yielded to the drive of Latin, but they left many traces in Galician place-names. There was a greater concentration of Germanic population in Galicia especially after the Muslim conquest of the peninsula, which barely affected the NW of Spain. Latin was the only written language in Galicia until the 13th century. The cultural splendor of Compostela, favored by the many pilgrimages to Santiago, is manifested through the plastic arts and Latin literature of the 12th century.