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  • 7 award-winning Galician writers
  • 3 main topics of modern literature
  • An intimate insight to their world

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Throughout its long history, Galician literature has always been closely connected to the great artistic trends of each time. On the occasion of the Frankfurt Book Fair, seven award-winning Galician writers explore in these video stories three of the great current themes of European literature and how their work connects with them.

Explore the stories:

With Olga Novo and Manuel Rivas

With Ledicia Costas and Fina Casalderrey

With Xesús Fraga, Xosé Manuel Núñez Seixas and Suso de Toro.

Coordinator: Dolores Vilavedra
Project manager: Manuel Gago
Video: Pablo Goluboff
Redactors: Manuel Gago, Xermán Hermida, Santi Montes
Production: Alberto Carballido
Graphics: Novagarda
Live audio: Daniel Ameneiro
Audio Posproduction: Alberto Blanco Fernández
Translation video: Nicholas Callaway
Translation texts: Cristina Domínguez