a music

  • how trad links generations
  • and reivents genres
  • from Galicia to abroad

that crosses borders

Galician roots music is at a real crossroads, meeting new young audiences, modern genres such as electronica and mixing with other cultures. We want to explore the current vibrant panorama of a music that is crossing borders.

Explore the stories:

With Bieito Romero, Óscar Losada and Tanxugueiras

With Baiuca, Mercedes Peón, Marina Fernández Vigo and Óscar Losada,

With Abe Rábade, Uxía and Marina Fernández Vigo.

Project manager: Manuel Gago
Video: Pablo Goluboff
Script: Manuel Gago, Xermán Hermida, Santi Montes
Production: Alberto Carballido
Graphics: Novagarda
Live audio: Alberto Carballido and Daniel Ameneiro
Audio Posproduction: Alberto Blanco Fernández
Translation video: Nicholas Callaway